Copy Cat Pho without MSG!

I found a copy cat, at home version of Pho! Ty and I absolutely fell in love with Pho 🍲 (feels warm and comforting to me!), however, we don’t have much love for the MSG that comes with it. 

This was super simple to whip up with some broth (if you have bone broth, even better!), veggies, chicken and these noodles! Next time I will have green onion, some sprouts and mushrooms too! 

I am sure I will switch it up! Which reminds me, I didn’t use a recipe. I threw everything in a pot and dumped way too much red pepper flakes, sooooo, if you’re looking for a good recipe, try the recipe below. 

Tyson is complete opposite of me and wants to know exactly how much to use and looks at me crazy when I tell him I just pour until the Holy Spirit stops me 😂🤣: 

Here’s that recipe 👉🏻RAMAN RECIPE

Ok, on a side note, besides the headaches Ty experiences, here are a few other reasons why we choose to reconsider foods with MSG when possible. Take a peek HERE and HERE.

We won’t be able to keep from eating MSG for the rest of our lives and neither will you.  It’s in nearly everything commercially produced, and, yes, it’s even in the Lord’s chicken.  We can, however, reduce consumption of it and enjoy this alternative more often at home, literally, without the headache that comes with it. 😜

I LOVE food hacks, don’t you?! What’s your favorite Pho recipe??